Letter from The Greenlining Institute: SB 649 will NOT close the digital divide as AT&T, Verizon and Qualcomm promise low income communities

  “Sadly, communications providers have repeatedly demonstrated that they will not make advanced services available to low-income or rural areas unless they are required to do so. SB 649 contains no such requirement, instead allowing providers to pick and choose where to build their networks without any community input. Under SB 649, it is likely [...]

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Assembly Appropriations Letter – Fire Station Exemption from SB 649

Pilot study confirms harm from allowable levels of RF radiation             August 14, 2017   Assembly Member Lorena S. Gonzalez Fletcher Chair, Appropriations Committee State Capitol P.O. Box 942849 Sacramento, CA 94249-0080 Re: Strongly Oppose SB 649   Dear Assembly Member Gonzalez Fletcher: I respectfully oppose SB 649. I recognize your [...]

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Please call or write Gov Brown to VETO SB 649

8 Facts to convince Governor Brown to veto SB 649:   1.  There are 300 cities, 47 (out of 58) counties, and dozens of health, environment, consumer, and justice organizations representing millions of Californians who have opposed SB 649. “The League of California Cities is strongly opposed to SB 649, which would represent a major [...]

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California Dept of Finance Opposes SB649

  Analysis of SB 649 reports $1 million annual State-mandated costs to local agencies; also finds equity and access concerns "The potential state mandate would stem from: (1) the bill's $250 limit on the annual lease charge that cities and counties can impose on each small cell device attached to its vertical infrastructure, and (2) [...]

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CA Legislators Told of Biological & Health Risks from Pervasive 4G/5G Wireless Antennas Envisioned by SB.649

Similar Legislation Facilitating Massive New Wireless Radiation Emissions is Underway in Other States and Washington, D.C. August 09, 2017 01:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Martin Pall, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University, has notified California state legislators of the risks involved in the 4G/5G Cellular Base Stations [...]

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Editorial Boards of CA Newspapers Are Opposed to SB 649

Los Angeles Times Editorial, An audaious 5G power (pole) grab, , July 5, 2017 San Francisco Chronicle op-ed, Bill seeks to bypass city controls on where telecom equipment goes,  San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission General Manager Harlan L. Kelly Jr., June 26, 2017 Sacramento Bee Editorial, Democratic legislators take bold [...]

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