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* Briefing Book on the hazards of wireless radiation from cell phones, towers, small cell transmitters, etc. –  Facts About Wireless Health Hazards – Incl 5G

* 8 Reasons to VOTE NO on SB649 –

2 page SB 649 Fact Sheet to educate yourself and others on the key reasons to oppose SB 649. Links are embedded in the text for those who want to delve deeper into the referenced documents, scientific studies and citations we used to back up the 8 key arguments.


* Flyer to download, print and distribute widely


*  Recent studies and reports regarding biological effects from exposure to the microwave radiation from the 50,000 new cellular antennas ushered in by SB 649 – Briefing Book Health


*  “Cell Tower Hypocrisy:  Rescuing Firefighters Not Kids” – Flyer for parents/schools opposing SB 649 – download here


Download Physicians for Safe Technology letter


*  Download list of Cities, Counties and Organizations Opposing SB 649


*  Excellent short video of excerpts from testimonies of those opposing SB 649: